Counselling Services in Calgary

Sometimes, on the pathway of life, you may encounter challenges or obstacles that interfere with your enjoyment of the journey. At times like this, it can be very helpful to work with a psychologist – a travel companion – who can help you discover new ways of looking at things, new skills to manage situations and new resources that can add to the richness of your experience.

Individual or couple therapy can be a gift you give yourself. I would welcome your call if you would like to speak with me about how I might be able to help.

Counselling and Therapy

Offering counselling services in Calgary since 1988, I have experience helping men and women, individuals and couples, to deal with a broad range of issues. Practicing as a registered psychologist in Calgary has given me the opportunity and privilege of working with clients with diverse personal, work and family backgrounds.

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Therapy Process

Therapy begins even before the first session — it begins when you start to think about seeking help from a psychologist. People often report that they begin to feel better just making a phone call to book an appointment because they increase their hope that change can happen in their lives.

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Resources and Links

In my practice as a Registered Psychologist in Calgary, I encourage clients to be actively involved in their therapy. There are many helpful resources (e.g., books, audio and internet resources) that clients can access that can complement the therapy process.

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